We’ve covered the topic of the contents of a basic toolkit in previous articles for this blog; today we’re looking at some basic handyman skills that everyone – both male and female – should have. While you can always call a handyman to come and fix things in your home or office, it’s much better, cheaper, (and more satisfying) if you can do it yourself – and do it well. All you need are some basic tools like Kevlar scissors and lineman pliers and some know-how and you’re all set.

Here are our Top 3:

  • Stop a Running Toilet. This happens when the tank constantly refills with water. Fortunately it is an easy fix! Usually the issue will be the rubber valve in the tank that controls the outflow of water into the toilet bowl.
    • Simply remove the lid of the tank.
    • Locate the balloon/ball (overflow tube). This is attached to “arms” secured at the base of the tank and it should lie flush with the waterline.
    • If the connection is broken, reattach it or replace it and the toilet will flush properly again.
    • If the chain is too long, adjust the length by disconnecting it and reconnecting it to a different hole.



  • Unclog a Drain. Basic blockages in sinks and drains can be handled without calling in a professional.
    • Try to initially clear the drain blockage with a mixture of very hot water, white vinegar, and baking soda. This will help eliminate grease and soap scum.
    • If this doesn’t work, try using a plunger (use one that is never used in the toilet!). Fill the sink with water to half full, and then plunge the drain to create suction.
    • You may wish to purchase caustic soda-based drain cleaning products to try dissolving stubborn blockages.
    • You may need to unscrew the trap (curved pipe under the sink – remember to put a bucket under it) and clear clogs manually. Reattach the trap properly.


In future blog articles we’ll look at some other essential handy skills you should have. In the meantime, make sure you have all the right tools – including screw removal pliers and Kevlar scissors from Vampire Tools!