We talk about lineman pliers and how to remove a stripped screw with pliers, but sometimes the most basic of questions come first: just what are pliers?

Pliers are among the most common and handiest tools n any home or toolbox. They come in many varieties, and while their concept is simple, the best pliers are anything but…

What Are Pliers?

Pliers, as we know them, were invented in the last two hundred years, yet the concept is an ancient one. They are basically just two pieces of shaped metal joined at a hinge near their center. When the handle side is squeezed, the nose (jaws) side closes.

Pliers are used for grabbing and holding items for manipulation or stability. They have superior gripping power.

Pliers are used in an array of endeavors:

  • Holding small objects
  • Holding a screw or nail in place for screwing, drilling, or hammering
  • Bending thin objects
  • Soldering
  • Wiring electronics
  • Damaged screw extraction
  • Wire stripping

Different Types of Pliers Have Different Uses:

  • Lineman Pliers are used for electrical work
  • Slip-joint pliers are good for light-duty jobs
  • Adjustable pliers will adjust to the diameter or thickness of the piece being worked
  • Never use pliers in place of a wrench!
  • Needle-nose pliers are ideal for tight spaces and hobby work
  • Screw extraction pliers have patented jaws to grip like no other tool.


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