Vampire Tools was inspired by the founder’s experience going to college in America in the 1970s.

As college students on a budget, we were fixing our own cars. We would team up with buddies to work on one car and then work on the other friend’s car the following weekend.

We couldn’t afford to take our cars to a dealership, so we would go to the junkyard to try and pick up used parts and used tools we collected to fix each other’s cars. The 1970’s were the days we Americans, mostly men at the time, loved tools. Everyone borrowed from each other and names were commonly engraved on the tools so you couldn’t swipe them! The tools would also last for a while.

Decades later, tools became cheaper as they were mass shipped in from abroad and were generally used a few times before they got thrown away. You would buy from your local hardware store or larger retailers.

We at Vampire Tools, want you to feel a sense of pride being able to fix things using high quality tools that help solve different problems and making repairs fun and fast; bringing family and friends together to get that sense of accomplishment.

In the 70’s, it was hard to get a repair book for your particular model of car. Today, with the internet and smart phones, how to repair just about everything in your home, your garage, and around town is just a few clicks away.

From our humble beginnings in 2012, to our now most popular VAMPLIERS® 6.25″ Screw Extraction Pliers and Super Combo Scissors, Vampire Tools family is growing with a line of high-quality tools that aim to provide satisfaction with each use for years to come.


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