There are a number of handy life skills that everyone, both male and female, should have. These run the gamut from knowing basic first aid to how to cook basic meals and to even build a campfire.

There are also some handy jobs, including around the home, that shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. There’s no problem calling in an expert, but for certain handy jobs, there’s no reason that even the least handy person can get it done themselves! If you don’t know how to do them – it’s time to learn!

Here is a fun (but serious!) list of what every adult should be able to take care of themselves…

  1. Boil an egg
  2. Make a good cup of tea
  3. Perform CPR
  4. Perform basic First Aid
  5. Perform the Heimlich maneuver
  6. Grow your own food
  7. Start a fire without matches
  8. Split firewood
  9. Navigate with a map and compass
  10. Swim
  11. Defend yourself
  12. Sew on a button and fix a hem
  13. Dress appropriately for every occasion
  14. Negotiate
  15. Apologize
  16. Show gratitude
  17. Give and accept a compliment
  18. Respond appropriately to criticism
  19. Hang a picture on the wall
  20. Use tools safely and appropriately
  21. Know how to remove a stripped screw
  22. Open a bottle without a bottle opener
  23. Fix a leaking faucet
  24. Unblock a sink
  25. Unclog a toilet
  26. Drive a car with manual transmission
  27. Change a flat tire
  28. Check and change your car’s oil
  29. Parallel park
  30. Back up computer data
  31. Maintain online privacy
  32. Shop online safely

All of these are essential skills and they incorporate many areas of life.

Handy jobs need some basic, handy tools. These will include but not be limited to a hammer, screwdrivers, multipurpose shears, electrical or linesman pliers, tape measure, and if possible, a cordless drill. Here at Vampire Tools, we supply a superior range of lineman pliers, screw extraction pliers, electrical shears, and cable knives.