What is Kevlar®?

You might have heard the term Kevlar®: applied to material, scissors, and other items. What is it? Kevlar® is a synthetic material made from a type of patented plastic. First introduced in 1971 it was invented and patented in the 1960s by chemist Stephanie Kwolek. It is light and incredibly strong – in fact, five…

Rust: a Tool Killer

One of the most detrimental things to tools, even tools of the highest quality, is rust. Even in hardware stores, tools can be at risk from rust, and this risk is greater when tools are stored in workshops and at home. But what is rust? How can you avoid it?

Electrical Safety: Lineman Pliers

Electrical safety is of paramount importance when doing any kind of electrical work. It’s crucial that no matter what you are doing relating to electrical installation, repair, or maintenance, that you use the right tools and lineman pliers are a must-have for your tool collection.

Proper Storage of Hand Tools

Good quality tools don’t come cheap. They are an investment. As such, you not only want to make sure that you use them properly, but also that you store them properly between uses. From screwdrivers to lineman pliers, hammers to hand saws, tools need to be cared for so that they work well and last…