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VamPLIERS™ 6.25" Screw Extraction Pliers

High quality specialty pliers to extract stripped or stuck screws or rounded nuts or bolts.

Average Rating 246 reviews

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VamPLIERS™ Pro 8" Screw Extraction and Linemans Pliers

Professional grade pliers for screw extraction

Average Rating 2 reviews

In Stock
VamPLIERS™ Slip-Joint 7" Screw Extraction Pliers

Extract stripped, rusted, corroded or specialty screws or rounded nuts or bolts.

Average Rating 3 reviews

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VamPLIERS™ Mini 5" Screw Extraction Pliers

Extract Stripped Rusted Corroded Torx Security Screws and Rounded Nuts and Bolts

Average Rating 4 reviews

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Super Combo Scissors

Multipurpose Scissor for Leather Fabric Rope Carpet Cord Metal Wire

Average Rating 13 reviews

In Stock
6.25" Aramid Fiber, Fiber-Optic Kevlar Cutter

Cuts Kevlar, Dyneema, Vectran, Technora thread, tape, lines, cords and rope

Average Rating 7 reviews

In Stock
8" Aramid Fiber, Fiber-Optic Kevlar Shears

Cuts Kevlar Fabric Plastic Canvas Body Armor Boat Sails Ropes String Construction Nets

Average Rating 6 reviews

In Stock
eShears - All-In-One Electrician's Scissors

Multipurpose Scissors - Cut Cables, Strip Insulation, Cut Copper Sheets, Crimp Terminals, and Clean Electrical Boxes

Average Rating 9 reviews

In Stock
eShears - Electrical Scissors

Cut and Strip Insulated Cables, Slice Copper Sheets, Cut Cable Ties, Electrical Tapes - Electrician's Essential

Average Rating 6 reviews

In Stock
Cable Sleeve Stripping Knife

Strip Insulation from Communication, Submarine, Multi-Conductor Cables, High Speed Data Lines and Electric Wiring

Average Rating 1 reviews

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Customer Reviews

While normal pliers are couple of bucks, the VamPLIERS are worth the price. Since adding VamPLIERS to my toolbox, other pliers have gone unused. I'm ready to gift to friends. I used them for stripped screws which secure carburetor float bowls. Simply the best way to grip fasteners that are stuck. The jaw tips are deeply serrated concave surfaces for firm hold. I used the wire cutting blade to cleanly sever robust steel throttle and speedometer cables. Motorcyclist magazine, Pg 76, February 2013.
Ari H.
Palm Coast, FL

Amazing how good they work. It
sure beats cutting a slot in a stripped Phillips head screw just to remove it with a flat screwdriver. Even that sometimes fails. Again,
thank you!
Jeff D.
FAA Mechanic (A&P) Parachute
Rigger and Flight Instructor

"Our house was built about 40 years ago and we often have problems with plumbing and water faucet etc. Recently I wanted to replace a leaking water faucet of our bath room. However, last time may son fixed it,he damaged the screw and I could not turn it with a regular pliers.Then my friend recommended a VamPLIERs, and it worked perfect! So,simple and easy. I recommend it to everybody."
Kay N.,
Lomita, CA

"To disassemble a hard drive caseand remove the platters, you need a set of special, small screwdrivers. Inside two of the cases, a few screws holding the platters in place weren't just stuck; their heads became stripped and they werebetween two grooves that made them hard to grab hold of. Traditional pliers screw removerswouldn't budge them. But within a couple of minutes, the VamPLIERS defeated them! if you think $35 is expensive for a pair of pliers - it isn't. This is no ordinary pair. In fact, they aren't going in my toolbox, because someone might take them! I'm getting my name engraved onthem, then hiding them"
Bob Flisser